• Customize your cloud usage & cost reports

    The demands on your infrastructure are constantly changing. Cloudability helps you adapt to get the most for your dollar. See which of your AWS instances are costing the most, find underutilized resources, track your footprint by region, and much more.

    Dozens of reports give you quick access to important data
    Filter on any dimension or metric
    Export or Print Reports to Share within your org
    Spot trends by graphing on any dimension or metric
    Add or remove columns for a deeper or broader view

    View spending and usage by tag

    No longer do you need to guess at how your cloud usage breaks down. Cloudability pulls down all your AWS tags, and even allows you to report by department or project by combining multiple tags into custom groupings.

    Automatically pulls all your AWS tags
    Assign custom labels to your tags
    Group tags together to build complex reports

    Metrics that matter to your business

    Dozens of metrics and dimensions are at your disposal. If it can be measured in your infrastructure, we'll let you add it to your report. Start with a template or build the custom view you need to optimize your AWS cloud.

    Create your own custom reports
    Add any dimension or metric
    Select a day, a week or any time span.

    Cloudability cloud usage analytics supports Amazon EC2, additional services and providers are coming soon.

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