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For companies with one or a few cloud accounts at any level of spending

Costs Monitored Monthly Price Additional Usage
Up to $10k $99 0.99%
Up to $20k $189 0.95%
Up to $50k $449 0.90%
Up to $100k $849 0.85%
Over $100k Contact Us for volume discounts
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For companies with complex account structures and multiple business units

Costs Monitored Monthly Price Additional Usage
Up to $100k $2000 2%
Over $100k Contact us for volume discounts

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How do you charge?

Our monthly fees are based on the level of costs you choose to monitor. Choose a tier appropriate for your expected level of monthly cloud costs. The higher your tier, the lower the rate. We bill in arrears so you will be charged for January's usage in February. Paid plans include unlimited users.

When should I upgrade to the next tier?

We do not automatically move you into the next pricing tier but instead charge you an additional usage charge.  If you are expecting to only exceed your limit by a small amount, it's generally most economical to stay in your current tier.  We're happy to work with you to figure out the right time to change tiers for maximum savings.

What if I go over my plan's limit?

We do not automatically stop collecting your data nor do we automatically upgrade you to the next tier. Exceeding your plan limit will result in additional usage charges at your tier's standard rate. If you spend $10,001 in the $10k tier we will charge you $99.01 for that month.

Do you offer discounts if we spend a lot of money each month?

Yes. We offer discounted tiers for customers with high monthly cost levels. Contact us to learn more.